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Knitting Origami

April 30, 2010

Completing the knitting of EZ’s Baby Surprise Jacket is finishing one adventure…

and arriving at a new one… how does this become a jacket?

Well… you fold this over here… and that over there… and ta da!

The only seaming that is done is along the top of the sleeves.  After completing the seaming I continued a 3 stitch i-cord around the neckline and added some buttons.  The i-cord is not part of the original pattern.

The jacket now awaits the arrival of my grand niece.

As I mentioned in my previous post I finished the Triinu Scarf by Nancy Bush.  Here it is after its bath and blocking.

I knitted a longer border than what the pattern asked for.  I think the longer borders that I have seen in Victorian Lace Today have influenced me.

Finally starting to feel like spring, most of the snow is gone, and the buds are visible on the trees, yeah!