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Alaska Run for Women

June 13, 2010

Last year I was only able to participate in the 1 mile Fun Run/Walk part of the Alaska Run for Women.  It had only been 11 days after my surgery and I still had tubes in me for draining fluids.  My husband walked with me since I still needed someone to lean on.  This year I was able to walk the 5 miles.  My three daughters ran the race so it was very nice that my friend Cindy accompanied me at my slightly faster than snail’s pace.  The only thing that hurt at the end was the soles of my feet, it seems my shoe selection wasn’t the best.

I had finished the chemo mid November and the radiation the day before Christmas, so at the beginning of this year walking up a flight of stair would have me huffing and puffing, I had no endurance what so ever.  I signed up for oncology rehab and within a month my strength and endurance had dramatically improved.  It was not just a physically improvement, it also helped me lift my spirits and kept me positive.

Just over 7,000 women and some men (who are breast cancer survivors) participated in this year’s race.  The course is rather nice and it starts in mid-town Anchorage and heads downtown.

And then along the coastal trail…

and by Westchester Lagoon.

The camaraderie was wonderful.

I have been knitting and have finished La Cumparsita and Stork’s Nest Scarf, but have yet to block them.  Hope to have pictures to posts soon.

And Congratulations to the US for a well played game against England.


Three Cheers

June 12, 2010

I am looking forward to watching some of the World Cup matches.

It’s not to hard to guess who I am rooting for.

I hope to catch the final half of the US vs England match after I finish my walk in the Alaska Run For Woman.

I will be cheering for participants in both events.

“Eight Stars of Gold…”

April 11, 2009

Now where was I…  Oh yeah, I finshed the Iris Quilt.


To recap, the project is from “Pieced Flowers” by Ruth B. McDowell.  Now I just have to make a slat for hanging the quilt.

I also finished spinning some 3 ply BFL/Mohair 85%/15% sock yarn.  I blended the fiber on my drum carder and the resulting batts spun like a dream.  This was for my guild’s challenge celebrating the 50th anniversary of Alaska becoming a state.  We were to (weave, spin, knit, crochet…) something with blue and gold.  Blue and gold being the colors of the Alaska state flag.


I didn’t want to have a solid blue for the sock so I hand painted the yarn with shades of blue, purple and turquoise.  I loved the result.


I choose the Sidewinder Sock  pattern by Nona.


With this design, the sock is knitted lengthwise.  I believe its shows the blue variations off better and creates a sky look to the sock.

After the socks were knitted, I spun a silk single and dyed it yellow for the stars.

I embroidered the eight stars on the socks to depict the Big Dipper and the North Star.


I really like the results, though this pattern wasn’t my favorite to knit.

And if you’re interested, the YouTube link is to the Alaska Flag Song which starts with “Eight Stars of Gold on a Field on Blue…”

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day, I will be at a workshop with Galina Khmeleva.