My New Earthquake Detector

I was a very contented individual knitting and spinning.  But during the course of visiting the blogs of other knitters and spinners, I found that there are quite a few who also weave.  I have admired their projects, scarves, towels, blankets but thought I don’t have the time or space at this stage in my life to take up weaving.  The weavers in my guild were also gently shoving pushing me to give it a try.  So last year at the guild’s garage sale I saw and bought a rigid heddle loom for $20.   My thinking was, its small and maybe I could give it a try and see if I like it.  But it wasn’t until recently that I warped it and started weaving. 

Weaving 2

I am using Knit Picks Kettle Dyed Sock Yarn  Bordeaux and Eggplant for the warp and some hand spun Ashland Bay Rose Quartz Merino , 2 ply for the weft.

Weaving 1

Well I am officially hooked, thanks mostly to Alice and Pamela.

While recouping from some surgery, I got a call from a friend who said that she was had decided to leave the state.  She mention that one of the things that she wasn’t going to be taking with her was a loom and if there was anybody I knew who would be interested.  So I very happy to report that I have something new in my living room, thank you Mada.

Gallagher 1

I am very excited.

Gallagher 2

The loom needs cleaning but I think from first inspection it looks to be in very good shape.

Yesterday as I was knitting (Fountain Pen Shawl) in my living room, I heard the heddles of the loom start to rattle and as they got louder I could then feel the earthquake.   The quake gave us a good shake, it was 5.4 and about 60 miles away.  We had a few good size aftershocks since.

I am indeed very happy with my new loom/earthquake detector.


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3 Responses to “My New Earthquake Detector”

  1. ladyoftheloom Says:

    oooo 8 harnesses! You lucky girl! And the fact that it gives earthquake warnings is a good thing where you live!

    I need to get back on the weaving (and blogging) bench. I’ve just been lazy….

  2. Sheila Says:

    I have also toyed with the idea of weaving. I have resisted. My daughter’s boyfriend’s mother is a weaver and has a beautiful loom. She live in New Jersey, and I live in Utah or I fear I would become a weaver too! lol.

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