Out of the Deep Freeze

A few years ago a dear friend left Alaska, and for a parting gift I was to make her a quilt wall hanging of an iris.  I got 70 % of it done before she left, but alas I haven’t finished it yet even after all this time.  My rationalizing has included, “She’s moved a lot since she has left so I didn’t want to add to her packing.”  Pretty lame, huh?  The real reason is that I procrastinate when I’m not sure how to proceed and I rather do nothing than screw it up.  So I have decide to take a very deep breath, dig the project out and finish it.  I am a stronger person now… I have cut steeks.

The project is from “Pieced Flowers” by Ruth B. McDowell.  (A fabulous book to drool over peruse.)

I choose the asymmetrical straight seam iris pattern on the left.
I still have 40 % of the hand quilting to do, and I have yet to figure out what I have done with the thread I was using.  I also need to find the remaining fabrics so I can decide the border and how I want the quilt to hang.

Wish me luck.

As for knitting, more lace is in my future.  I have decided to give Mystery Stole 4 a try. 

The yarn is Jagger Spun, Zephyr, Blueberry .  I made some simple stitch markers, the thin wire doesn’t seem to affect stitch spacing as the plastic store bought ones do.


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3 Responses to “Out of the Deep Freeze”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Good luck with the quilt..it looks pretty so far! Love the yarn and beads for the new shawl

  2. Opal Says:

    Good luck with both of your endeavors!

  3. ladyoftheloom Says:

    Uh oh, you are making me want to quilt again. Must resist the fabric drawer….

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