Some Socks

I finished another pair of the Cat Bordi’s Basis Sock using Marks & Kattens’ Clown in shade 1724.

Now all I need is a summer to wear my summer socks.  (Sorry, but I had to whine at lease once with regards to the weather we are having).

Now with regards to Ziggy

The toe got larger but it was too large, so I frogged.

The toe was re-knitted, but it was too small, so I frogged.

The toe was knitted again, and it was the right size and fitted the toe lovely.  But the heel design for this size toe would not be large enough to fit me comfortably.  Also this yarn and the standed knitting are not elastic, so I decided to knit the sock cuff down.  Again I frogged.

So here’s the cuff down version.

I broke the yarn once due to the same colour was coming from both yarn balls.  Though Ziggy has been a bit of a bother, I am liking the results.

Ta, Ta for now.


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2 Responses to “Some Socks”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Great summer socks – I hope you get the weather to wear them soon!

  2. Opal Says:

    I admire your perseverance with Ziggy! You’ve got more commitment then I would have shown. I think I would have torn my hair out before deciding to go cuff down.

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