Blocked Wing

I finally blocked MS3.

A closeup of the wing.

If you look closely at the tips of the wing you can see the beads which add a very nice shimmer to the stole.

The stole being blocked with wires and pins.

It helped that a daughter’s room just got new carpeting.

I wanted to get a pic of stole being modeled, but the weather has been very dark and gray for me to get a decent shot.

To recap…

Pattern: Swan Lake by Melanie Gibbons
Yarn:  Jagger Spun Zephyr Wool Silk, Colour Ebony
Needles: US#4, Addi Lace

I made it longer and used Beading Banshee’s variation (a border for the transition to the wing).  I started last July and stopped because of indecision on how to finish.  I revisited the project last month and decided to try the wing.  I am very happy with the finished stole.

It’s been a cold and cloudy summer.

It poured down rain at my son’s last soccer game, he was half frozen even thought he played the whole game.  I had to get him some long sleeved Under Armor and gloves for tonight’s game since it’s colder (48F) and still raining.  None of my kids for the past 9 summers have had to wear extra gear to keep them warm during a soccer game.

Oh summer, where for art thou summer?


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4 Responses to “Blocked Wing”

  1. Opal Says:

    Oooh. She’s gorgeous! Now I want to wear mine!

  2. ladyoftheloom Says:


    I think summer is here in Richmond. All of it. From everywhere.

  3. Jeanne Says:

    Gorgeous stole! Just beautiful – I really love it in black. Wow – brrr – 48 degrees? That’s cold! I hope summer comes back to you!

  4. CarolyninAlaska Says:

    Lovely shawl! That lace looks so delicate.

    The less said about the weather the better, I think, or I’ll lapse into a full blown whine.
    (And they said today was supposed to be sunny… ha!)

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