Mum is ever vigilant and protective.

They are all legs.

After a short stay, they are off.

They liked my lilacs and for once they left my raspberry canes alone.
I took these pictures from my raised deck with the moose 10 to 20 ft away.  It would have been dangerous to get this close if I was down in the yard with them.

I just finished the 6th clue on Swan Lake, yeah… only one more to go.

And by the way, the volcano that erupted is at least 800 miles from here.


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4 Responses to “Twins”

  1. Christianne Says:

    Wonderful photo’s! We just had an encounter in Maine with a Mama and her baby – dangerous indeed, but everyone was ok. I’ve been corned by them in the past and it is not fun! I do love them though – they are amazing creatures.

  2. preita Says:

    LOVE the photos! I wish I had moose roaming my yard! What a great oppertunity!

  3. Jeanne Says:

    Amazing pictures!

  4. Opal Says:

    Wow. Mooses! 😀

    Thank goodness the volcano is so far away from you!

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