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There Are 4 Of Them

June 27, 2008

Yesterday, with the birthday of the twins, it is now official,  there are 4 teenagers living under our roof.  If that doesn’t send a shiver down your spine, I don’t know what will.  Two teens have already been exhausting interesting.

Both wanted and got something musical for their presents.  One an ipod and the other (I must be out of my mind) a 50 watt amp for his electric guitar.  Since he belongs to a band so he  “needs” an amp that can be heard over a full drum set.  The good news is they practice at the drummer’s house, since the drum set isn’t as portable. 

I just finished knitting a scarf/stole that I’ll be giving as a wedding gift for the daughter of a dear friend.

The pattern is from “Victorian Lace Today”.  I have yet to block it and I’ll give you all the stats and some pictures after I have done so.

The latest with the sock fiber/yarn sampling, is that I blended, spun and plied (3 ply) of sample A 48% Corridale, 48% Merino, 4% Mohair, from a batt.

I then dyed them.

The yellow is very close to what I will dye for the guild challenge project.  I decided to knit a sample sock with a different MC so I won’t end up with two identical pairs of socks.

The socks are going to be knitted from the toe up.  I am now deciding what type of toe and increases techniques to use with the stranded knitting.

I’m still waiting for the romney I ordered.  I want to blend some samples and then blend/dye/knit another (matching) sock to test for wear/comfort/elasticity.

I am coming up on my first blogiversary, and I would like to celebrate it with a contest.  I’ll have details in my next post.

Now off to enjoy some sunshine.


Sock Fiber Samples

June 5, 2008

Every year my guild has a challenge.  This year I couldn’t get my creative juices to come up with anything that excited me.  But for next year, I have something in mind that I’m jazzed about.  Next year is the 50th anniversary of Alaska becoming a state, so the challenge is make (weave, spin, knit, crochet…) something with blue and gold.

(There is neat story about the design of the flag by 13 year old Native Alaskan Benny Benson.)

I have decided to knit some socks.  I am going to spin the yarn and then dye the skeins separately blue and gold.

To help decide what fiber to use, I spun up some samples.

So much for a picture saying a thousand words.

I am trying to determine what fiber or blend of fiber that would have some durability, yet was still have soft/squishy/elastic qualities.  I also don’t want a fuzzy yarn.  I am going to using stranded knitting to knit the socks. 

The singles are 3 ply and spun semi-long draw worsted.

Skeins C (100% Corridale), D (100% Merino) and E (100% BFL) were spun from tops.  The Merino and BFL were very nice soft/squishy/elastic, the Corridale didn’t have much of these properties. 

Skein F (90% BFL, 10% Mohair) (spun from batt) was soft but less elastic than the 100% BFL, it was also slightly fuzzy.

Skein B (50% Corridale, 50% Merino) (spun from batt) had some soft/squishy/elastic properties, less than the 100% Merino, but more than the 100% Corridale.

And lastly skein A (48% Corridale, 48% Merino, 4% Mohair) (spun from batt) had the same soft/squishy/elastic properties as skein B, the Mohair didn’t seem to add fuzziness to the yarn.

Mohair is suppose to add some durability, though I am not sure if 4% will add much.

I’m going to blend/spin some more of A and knit some socks.

I have ordered some romney (a fiber I haven’t worked with but have heard some like to use it for socks) and will spin up some samples of it.