Plying For Colour, Part 2

These are the yarns that I created during the workshop. (Deb Menz’s “Plying For Color Workshop”)
You can click here if you haven’t seen the first post.

I tried to step out of my colour comfort zone and pick colours that I wouldn’t normally choose.

The first study was hues.

We spun a roving and then picked rovings with the analogous colour right and left of the spun colour on the colour wheel.

The next study was value.


Complementary Colours (blue and orange)

I didn’t get to spin the next study for warm and cool but these were the rovings I picked.

The next study was to pick a random roving and ply it with another roving that has only one colour in common.

The last study was to pick two random rovings (outer skiens)
and ply them together (the center skien).

The first study and the last study results are my favourite.

Again, all the information for this workshop is in Deb’s book “Color in Spinning”.

I’m still grinning and I’ll have another post about the workshop.






2 Responses to “Plying For Colour, Part 2”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Gorgeous – all are beautiful but I really like the ones in the Hues category. I wonder if she’s teaching any classes on the East Coast!

  2. Opal Says:

    Very cool!

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