Today, most of my family would be running (in shorts) in the annual Heart Run…

But noooo, it had to go and snow another 2 feet.  The event got postponed, I think for the first time ever.

Poor Crackers…

We are going to have to shovel her stairs off.

Well the happy, happy, happy spring dance was short lived, but I know spring will eventually come… and stay.

The next yarn for the Basic Sock (see previous post) I had chosen didn’t grow on me with this pattern, so I went back into the sock stash and came up with Marks and Kattens’ Clown  Colour No.1724. 

This yarn is also a wool/cotton/nylon blend.  The yellow stripe works for me a lot better in the Clown yarn than in the Sockotta.

So into my travel knitting bag it goes.


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4 Responses to “Again”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Wow – I can’t believe you are still getting snow. Very pretty sock – great colors! I hope it gets more Spring-y there soon!

  2. ladyoftheloom Says:

    Awww Crackers!

  3. Paula Says:

    Oh my goodness! We’ve had snow in April too, but not this late and not that much. We do have a frost warning tonight. I’m sure you are ready for spring. Even the dog looks forlorn.

  4. Opal Says:

    Holy snowstorm, Batman! That’s a lot of snow! Brrr!

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