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Baby Camel and Silk

March 29, 2008

Not too long after I got my drum carder Deb, I thought I’d try some baby camel and some tussah silk.

I first dyed some of the camel with some browns.

I loaded the feed tray with dyed and undyed camel.

As I cranked the handle, I found myself humming that song from the Byrd’s.

I alternated loading the feed tray with camel and tussah silk.

Since the baby camel and silk are fine/light fibers it really helps to use a burnishing tool on the drum to push the fibers down the teeth after each layer.  I didn’t purchase the burnishing tool for my drum carder, it was an additional $55.  What I decided to do was try what Twosheep’s does.  She uses a wallpaper brush to burnish the drum.

But when I went to my local hardware store to get one, they were all out of wallpaper brushes.  I looked around since they have other brushes and this is what I came home with.

“Scotty” what I decided to call the brush (originally designed to brush table crumbs) works great and all for $6.

Here’s the batt off the drum.

Think light, fluffy and airey… and soooft.

I then spun and plied it. (3 ply)

I’m thinking a “smoke ring”, but I don’t have a specific pattern picked out yet.


Scarf for Melissa

March 25, 2008

I finished the Victorian Lace Scarf scarf in time for Melissa‘s fundraiser.

I got one of my munchkins to model the scarf.

Pattern:  “Scarf with the No. 20 edging from The Knitted Lace Pattern Book, 1850″ from Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby.
Yarn:  Silk Mohair, colour #408 by Artyarns, 2 skeins with only a couple of yards left.
Needles:  Addi Lace Needles, US#6’s.

No variations from the pattern. (Except yarn and needles).

The fundraiser was a very nice get together.  The wine (my first drink since the end of lent) and the desserts (think chocolate) were delicious.  The scarf’s new “home” will grace the shoulders of a very sweet lady.

I got a surprise in my Ravelry inbox.  There was a request to use one of the pic’s of the Rosemarkie Waistcoat I knitted.  I have to confess I did a little “touchdown” dance before I approved the request.


what a good time of year for chocolate!

Victorian Lace Scarf

March 19, 2008

I am helping a friend with a fundraiser for one of her friend’s daughter Melissa, who was a victim of a hit and run accident last August.  Melissa’s injuries were extensive and she will require specialized care for the rest of her life.  One of the ways I’m helping is by knitting a scarf for the silent auction.

The scarf is from Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby.  The official name is “Scarf with the No. 20 edging from The Knitted Lace Pattern Book, 1850.”  Not very sexy name if you ask me.   The pattern is on page 84.

The yarn is a silk/kid mohair blend, colour #408 by Artyarns.  Very, very nice!  This is the first time I have knitted with mohair.  I have heard a few horror stories that knitting with mohair or should I say frogging with mohair is not fun due to the wisps of mohair get tangled easy.  I have had to do some minor frogging but it wasn’t all that bad.  It is otherwise a pleasure to knit with this yarn… on my Addi Lace Needles, US#6’s.

A closer look.

I have been unable to capture the subtle colour variations, but they are there.

I’m about 70% complete, but I do need to have it done by Monday…
so back at it.