Fetching and Smelling the Mountains

I had started Fetching for my eldest daughter around Christmas, but had put it aside due to Rosemarkie.  She gently reminded me that she could really use them right now, so I finished them up for her.

Pattern: Fetching by Cheryl Niamath
Yarn:  Karaoke, colour 281, 50% SOY SILK®/50% Wool, 100m / 50g ball, 2 each
Needles:  #4 DPNs

My variations: I added an extra row of cable around the fingers and did the basic cast off with a decrease for each purl stitch.

The yarn is a single ply and feels quite soft.  The colour reminds me of alpine glow.

The other day I seemed to be wearing my “taxi driver” hat for most of the day.  The roads weren’t bad, though I wouldn’t want to drive without my 4 wheel drive.  The weather can change while you’re driving and a lot of the side streets are icy.  A couple of weeks ago, while driving one of the kids to practice.  I get a call on my cell that one of the other kid’s parent had slid sideways on a hill while trying to stop and help a police officer who had gotten stuck in the ditch.  Without the 4 wheel drive I wouldn’t have been able to help them.

While I was out driving around, I realize that I forget to appreciate the beautiful place where I live.  Here are just a few pics of the mountains along daily “taxi” trips.

and my driveway (the mountains are peeking through at the base of the trees)

So I am resolved to “Stop and Smell the Roses Mountains.”


3 Responses to “Fetching and Smelling the Mountains”

  1. Opal Says:

    I love the modifications you did on the Fetchings. They’re very fetching. (Har de har har)

    Your mountains are so gorgeous. I wish I could get proper photographs of the mountians that are near me. I just need to get my butt in gear.

  2. Jeanne Says:

    Very nice Fetchings – I’ll have to try your modifications the next time I make a pair. Gorgeous pictures!

  3. ladyoftheloom Says:

    Your pictures are beautiful! The northern light is so peaceful looking.

    THat is a really good idea to decrease on the bind off so they fit more snugly.

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