They Grow Up Fast

Rosemarkie is very happily moving along.  I hope to have knitted to the arm holes and neckline by the end of the weekend, though I’m not going to have much knitting time.  Due to a “workshop” I need to attend tomorrow, I’ll even going to miss a my guild’s  monthly meeting.  Bummer!

Here’s the latest (work on anywhere) socks.

As usually I’ve lost the blasted yarn label.  I am using #0’s and the basic sock pattern from Cat Bordhi’s Sock Soar on Two Circular Needles.

Our latest snowfall…

 This moose was born in the late spring.  It’s amazing how fast they grow up.


I can’t imagine having my kids for less than a year before they go out into the world by themselves.  This year with the twins (the youngest) going into middle school, it dawning on me that they are actually going to be leaving home at some time.  My eldest is a junior this year. 

Hmm… I not going to think about that right now.


4 Responses to “They Grow Up Fast”

  1. Opal Says:

    I really like that sock, but I adore the pictures of the moose! He looks huge!

  2. Jeanne Says:

    Nice sock – great pictures! Is that your backyard – awesome that you have a moose in your yard!

  3. Paula Says:

    I can’t imagine looking out my window and seeing a moose! What a sight!

    Your sock yarn looks a lot like the Opal Rainforest Yarn which I used in early November, only a different color. I suppose a lot of the self-patterning yarns look alike.

    Your mittens are beautiful, too!

  4. ladyoftheloom Says:

    Where are you? Gone in your socks and gloves to live with the moose? Mooses?

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