Christmas Break Over

The little darlings are back to school today and so my Christmas break from blogging is over.  Hope all who celebrate this holiday had a blessed time, our family certainly did.  Even with the break from blogging I didn’t get all the Christmas knitting done. 

But I did get Grandpa Ted’s mittens done.

The lack of light this time of year compounded with gray days has hindered picture taking… not that I am good at taking pictures to begin with.  The red is not that dark.

Pattern:  Design No. 18 in Mostly Mittens , by Charlene Schurch
Yarn:  Falk, Dale of Norway, Colours 90 & 4137
Needles:  Knitpicks DPN’s 6″, 1.25mm

Due to my gauge and for sizing I made adjustments to where I started and ended on the charted design. 

Grandpa Ted liked them and I was the recipient of very big hug.

After Christmas I started in earnest on Rosemarkie.

First I swatched.

This was the first time I had swatched by knitting a row, breaking the yarn,  sliding the work back to the other end of the needle (DPN) and start again knitting from the right end on the right side of the work.  (There is no purling the wrong side)  The purpose to swatch this way is to more accurately represent knitting in the round.

The first swatch I knitted was with the US# 3’s that were recommended, but my gauge was significantly larger so I switched to US#2’s  for knitting the larger swatch.  The resulting gauge was very close and I like “fabric” better.

With the help of a spreadsheet I plugged in the gauge, size, pattern repeats, edge stitches and number of steeks, so I could calc the number of cast on sts for ribbing and number of increase sts for the body.  I will have to make a few adjustments when I come to the arm holes and neckline.

I wanted to make a good start on Rosemarkie before I would break and work on something else.


I am very pleased/delighted/ecstatic working on this project.

I also like using the Addi Turbo “Lace” circular needles for this fair isle work.

Happy New Year!!!


5 Responses to “Christmas Break Over”

  1. sleepknitting Says:

    wow – impressive!

  2. ladyoftheloom Says:

    So beautiful it may make me take the colorwork plunge. I am going to warm up on some mittens first now that my Robin Hansen Favorite Mittens book has arrived!

  3. Emilee Says:

    Rosemarkie is beautiful! I’m excited to see it as it progresses.

  4. Jeanne Says:

    The mittens are very pretty! But Rosemarkie – wow. Beautiful. I can’t wait to watch you mkae it.

  5. Opal Says:

    The mittens are indeed handsome, but Rosemarkie steals the show! What a beauty!

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