A Wee Thing

Had a very nice Thanksgiving.  The only bummer was that it rained and we lost most of the snow so the traditional sledding on Thanksgiving was a bust.  Living by coastal mountains can make for interesting weather patterns.  Winds originating in Northern China, moved east, took a sudden turn for Hawaii ,warmed up and then shot straight up to Alaska.  From what I heard some of the lower 48 got some of our winter.

I have started the Christmas knitting and finished the washcloth.

Pattern: Reverse-Bloom Flower Washcloth from Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick.
Yarn: Chrystal Palace Cotton Chenille, colour 1109, 1 skein
Needles: US#6, 16 inch circular needle and DPN’s

Very soft… I’ll be wrapping the washcloth with some nice soaps for the gift.

Late this summer I got a copy of Cat Bordhi’s latest book.

Wow!!!   Beautiful socks…
I viewed and studied them like works of art in a gallery. 

For me this was no quick read.  It is very well written, the instructions are excellent.

I wanted to pay proper attention learning the new techniques, now I able to,  I started with one of the small learning socks Cat designed to teach “The New Pathways” of sock construction.  

I like to “kill two birds with one stone”  accomplish two objectives with a single action…  is there a less grusome analogy?  So I thought that this little sock would also make a cute Christmas Ornament that I’m suppose to make for the guild’s Christmas potlock.

Here’s the result… a wee thing.

I used some homespun merino-silk fingerling weight on US#0’s, 4″ DPNs.

I’m so tickled how this turned out.  I will be adding some adornments, I’ll show you when I’m finished.


3 Responses to “A Wee Thing”

  1. Julie McC Says:

    I don’t do socks (like I don’t do windows), but even I am taken with that little bit of a thing. Very nice, indeed.

  2. Jeanne Says:

    What a very pretty washcloth…and a great gift idea. The sock is just too cute – and how nice that you used handspun!

  3. Dipsy D. Says:

    Your washcloth is so beautiful, I adore its shape as well as the color! And these little socks are just adorable – such a great way to use that cool handspun! Happy Knitting!

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