Yarn Diet and “High” Noon

“I have fallen and I can’t get up,” was a comment left by Lady of the Loom regarding my confession of falling of the yarn diet I was on. Well I did get back up, dust myself off and promptly fell off again… and for someone who has been thrown from a horse, I know what it is like to get back on and to be thrown off again.

My excuse… “It’s for Christmas presents.”

A worthy cause if you ask me. (I only ordered 1 extra skein of yarn for me; it costs the same for shipping two skeins of yarn as it did for one).

I did check my stash first… really, but there were two projects that I couldn’t find the right yarn for. This one was too thin… wrong colour… not soft enough. I did give it a decent try.

So far my Christmas knitting list consists of …

3 pairs of mittens
2 hats
1 pair of socks
1 wash cloth
and a Christmas ornament.

I don’t think I’ll be too stressed out in getting it done. Since each one of my “little darlings” will be getting something I knitted, the hardest part will be keeping it a secret.

In the meantime I finished one of the “forgotten” knitting.

Pattern – Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf by Karen Baumer
Yarn – Noro, Kureyon, Colour #157
Needles – #8’s

The pic of the scarf was taken at noon time…
notice the shadow of the scarf?

The reason is this time of year (far north) the sun does not get very high in the sky. The pic below was also taken at noon.


Right now we have just over 7 hours of daylight, in a month it will be only 4 and a half hours.


2 Responses to “Yarn Diet and “High” Noon”

  1. ladyoftheloom Says:

    Ha! That is funny!
    I got up too and finished a couple things. The scarf is lovely.

    I have got to get to Alaska one day. Your pictures are great.

  2. Opal Says:

    I love that scarf! How many skeins of Noro did it take?

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