Sewing For Knitting

One of the questions that was asked the Yarn Harlot in one of her recent blogs was “How do you knit so much quickly?”  As part of her response she said she knitted just about everywhere, and she would use small periods of time like 5 minutes while waiting in line (actually her word was queue) to knit. 

There have been many times waiting in line that I could have kicked myself for not having some knitting with me.

I have a tote bag of knitting that I usually throw in the car when I go places.  It’s too big and awkward for take into a place like a bank.  So I want to have a smaller bag, that is hands and arm free.  I came across a pattern for a bag in a quilting/knitting store that I thought would do the job.  What I like about it best was it has a gathered front pocket that would be a perfect place to put a ball of yarn.

I already had the fabric in my sewing stash…  my sewing stash does not hold a candle to my knitting/fiber stash though… my house is only so big.

Having the quilting tools are a big help to make the project go quickly and smoothly.

 I am very pleased with the result, I love the colours.

This is the front pocket that can hold a ball of yarn.

Now back to the Vanalinn gloves… really.


2 Responses to “Sewing For Knitting”

  1. ladyoftheloom Says:

    I really like that! What a good pattern.

    It also makes me want to go and sew something. I have a small fabric stash…I wonder….

  2. Jeanne Says:

    Very nice – I love the fabric and its just the perfect size for a project!

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