Package For Mum

Every couple of months I like to send something for my mum and of course there is always something in there for dad too.


He likes the jam, black currant preserves.   My mum likes the pickle onions and the piccalilli.  I put some hot mango chutney in so they can make a smoked salmon dip.


I also included two knitting patterns.  One is a simple scarf pattern that I developed and a copy of “Swan Lake” stole that I bought, bound and highlighted for her.



I sent the yarn, needles and beads in an earlier package.


I am slooowly proceeding on the Vanalinn gloves, it seem every time I sit down to knit I’m interrupted.


Also it is confession time, you know that yarn diet I’m suppose to be on…




I fell off it big time.  I will tell and show all when the package arrives.


2 Responses to “Package For Mum”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    What a nice daughter you are! Can’t wait to see your new yarn!

  2. ladyoftheloom Says:

    I have fallen and can’t get up….

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