Happy “All Hallow’s Eve”

We had fun carving the pumpkins.  I collected the seeds and roasted them.  For seasoning, I used a variation of rub recipe for pulled pork.

My husband will be taking our “trick or treaters” around with some of their friends tonight.  I’ll be staying home giving out the treats with a dear friend who I am teaching to knit.

I just finished a basic hat for my son.  He doesn’t like wearing wool (he got this mutant gene from his father), but I have found a superwash from Brown Sheep that doesn’t bother him much.  I finished late last night, and he wore it to school this morning so I don’t have a pic yet.

Now its time for me to make the pumpkin pies.
Happy Halloween!


2 Responses to “Happy “All Hallow’s Eve””

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Very cute pumpkins!

  2. ladyoftheloom Says:

    Oh I love pumpkins! And pumpkin pie! I usually give out the treats too but I was sleeping. Of course I was.

    That mutant gene is in my family too, one of my daughters likes cotton or hemp only, bleh.

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