Pine Tree Socks Finished

I am absolutely delighted how this project turned out.

Pattern – Pine Tree Socks by Katherine Misegades.  It is charted and well written.
Yarn – 3 ply, hand dyed/blended/spun, BFL 80% /Tussah 20%.
Needles – US #1’s, 2.5mm Addi Turbo – 20′ circular needles (2 ea).
Pattern variation – I shortened the length of the leg by one pine tree.

Great fit.

These previous posts have more details and pics:

Pine Tree Socks, My First 3 Ply, and Lesson Learned and Ecstatic.

Thank you Katherine.


2 Responses to “Pine Tree Socks Finished”

  1. Katherine Misegades Says:

    Seeing your socks warms my heart. I am delighted you like the pattern and love the yarn you spun. The lighter bits make it look like sun is shining on the pine needles.

  2. Jeanne Says:

    Gorgeous – great pattern and your yarn is just beautiful!

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