Pumpkin and Boo

I had expected to be showing you in this post my finished Pine Tree Socks, but alas no…

Friday, I was minding my own business and visiting a couple of my favorite sites and came across this felted pumpkin bag/basket.

It rated high on my cute index.

Blast! I want to finish the other Pine Tree Sock. I must look away… avert my eyes.

But wait! My parish is having a bazaar next weekend and I could make the pumpkin for it. I was just going to give them a scarf… they will have lots of scarves, right? A felted pumpkin would be way cooler, right? It’s for a good cause.

Well… that was my reasoning. So off to the yarn store I went. The pattern (12:01), is on the Mag Knits’ site and designed by Nathania Apple.

It was a quick knit and I had it finished on Saturday. I have a front loader washer so I went over my sister-in-law’s who graciously let me use her top loader that has an agitator. While I was waiting for one of her loads to finish, I sat down and started some knitting.

Before I had knitted 5 stitches, this little black kitten jumped in my lap.
Her name is Boo.

This is the first time we met and I was enchanted. I can’t explain why.

She started to do the things cats like to do with yarn. She swatted at the hanging circular needles. Oh no… she chewed and broke the yarn. But… she’s sooooo cute.


So I decided to put the knitting away and let her play with the now scrap piece of yarn. I don’t know how I would get any knitting done if she was a part of our family. Crackers, our family dog likes to sit by my feet when I knit. The only non sanction items Crackers like to chew on are socks, but she has never chewed on any of the socks I have knitted. She is a good dog.

This pumpkin is my second attempt at felting. I will not mention the first. This time I decided to read some basic instructions… and what a difference that makes. I stuffed dish towels inside the pumpkin to help block it. After a while, I changed the wet ones out for dry ones.

I am pleased.

Now I must get back to the Pine Tree Sock. 


4 Responses to “Pumpkin and Boo”

  1. ladyoftheloom Says:

    Oh wow. Now wasn’t that so much fun!!! I love it. I want it to keep mine company! And the black kitten as well. I wonder if Boo would climb into the Pumpkin?

  2. scotty Says:

    Cute pumpkin – and what a delightful kitten! I love cats.

  3. Sandra D Says:

    I love Boo!

    Ah, we cat owners have developed strategies. All knitting in process, unless actually in my hands, lives in closed Hefty or Zip Loc bags. Knitting bags and gizmo containers remain zipped closed unless actually in use. Cats are not allowed in the knitting lap. If they win, I either quit knitting (like you so wisely did), or remove myself to a cat free zone. Anything that requires serious attention is accomplished in the cat free zone. It takes effort, but we manage to have both!

  4. elise Says:

    omg, what an adorable kitty! reminds me of my own black cat, Pickle.

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