I finished the first Pine Tree Sock.
The pic below highlights the “Pine Tree” motif that is the theme for the socks.  (I’ll show pics of both socks when the other one is finished.)


I’m ecstatic!  Absolutely ecstatic!

Why you might say?  She’s knitted socks before… she’s dyed, blended and spun yarn before. 

Well… it started about two years ago.  I was in a knitting store (which had/has a wonderful selection) but I wasn’t finding what I wanted.  For each project I had in mind, either the yarn was the wrong colour, wrong weight, or wrong fiber.  A bit frustrated, I started looking through the book section thinking I’ll find a pattern that maybe I could find the yarn for.

I came across this book.

The concept that I could make my own yarn had never crossed my mind.  I found this totally fascinating.  The book is very thorough, has lots of pics and gave me the confidence that I could not just make yarn, but make the kind if yarn I wanted.

This was a big wow moment for me.

At the check-out counter, I asked where I could get spinning supplies and they directed me to a local fiber artist and supplier, Pamela.  I went there…straight away.

Pamela got me started with a spindle and some very nice corridale.  She took time to demonstrate and teach the basics of drafting and using a spindle.  Since then I have found her to be very talented, generous, and always a delight to be around.  She also directed me to the local guild, which  introduced me to a wonderful community.

Since this time I have been learning the skills to make the yarn I want, for the project I want.  This is the first time I have put it all together. 

When I saw the pattern for Pine Tree Socks, I knew right away what yarn I wanted.

Fiber – BFL 80%/Silk 20%
Colours – Blends of Greens with some Brown
Weight – Between a Fingerling and DK
Ply – 3

I made a yarn that was in my mind’s eye.  And it totally works for the project.

This is why I am going around with the biggest… beaming… grin.


3 Responses to “Ecstatic!”

  1. Cathy-Cate Says:

    That is the most beautiful yarn, and it fits the motif so well! How awesome, to have a picture in your mind and have it turn out that way. Occasionally it happens to me knitting, but spinning is a mystery that I suspect my husband does not wish me to explore as it would take up even more of our house…..
    And I’ve been testing the waters in dyeing (leads to a funny-colored toe, dabbling your toe in THAT water!), and now understand how seductive that can be.
    Again, that is SO COOL. Congratulations!

  2. Jeanne Says:

    Gorgeous yarn and sock! Always nice when what you have in your head turns out well!

  3. Pine Tree Socks Finished « Hoc Age Says:

    […] Pine Tree Socks, My First 3 Ply, and Lesson Learned and Ecstatic. […]

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