My First 3 Ply and Lesson Learned

The yarn I am spinning for the Pine Tree Socks is a 3 ply.  I was contemplating Navajo plying it, but I can’t seem to make a consistent yarn when I do use this technique and I’m very slow at it.  So I spun three bobbins of singles.  I was shooting for a something between a fingerling and a DK, but closer to a DK.  The pattern calls for a DK weight.  I really enjoyed spinning from the batts I blended with my new drum carder.  It went very smoothly and was spun up very quickly.

I decided to use the jumbo bobbin to ply the yarn onto. The jumbo bobbin came with a “wild” flyer which has very big eyelets, I got this since I thought I would be spinning bulkier yarns… I have spun one yet.  Because of these large eyelets, the yarn (especially light weight) is slung very wide and doesn’t work as well as the regular delta flyer, but the regular delta flyer doesn’t fit the jumbo bobbin.

Time to get the drill.

I stole one of the hooks off of the lace flyer.  It comes with two and I haven’t used the left one yet.  I borrowed the other eyelet off the delta flyer. 

 And voila… (Arrow points to new hook)

It worked great.

The yarn was well balanced.

Next the yarn was bathed and this is where I learned a lesson.  It seems that I didn’t rinse the teal fiber as well as I thought.  Once in the bath of hot water, the excess dye bled.  I didn’t catch this right away, but when I did I rinsed the yarn at least a half a dozen times.  The teal that bled sort of overdyed the other colour fibers in the yarn.  The rinsing helped, but I could not remove all the overdye.  The chartreuse is not as vivid as it was before the bath.  I am a little bummed, but I do think I have a yarn that surpasses what I thought I would be able to make.  It is very close to what I had in my mind’s eye.

Yes… that is snow.  We woke up Saturday to find we had our first dusting.

I’ll be measuring the yardage when wind the yarn into balls.


4 Responses to “My First 3 Ply and Lesson Learned”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Beautiful yarn – the color is really beautiful and it is going to make very nice socks!

  2. ladyoftheloom Says:

    Wow, a drill! I thought I was the only one who did things like that.

    I like the color! The color blending makes such a difference in the complexity of the color and finished yarn!

    I wish it were not record breaking hot where I am.

  3. Paula Says:

    I love the vibrant green of the wool. It reminds me of spring leaves.

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    […] Tree Socks, My First 3 Ply, and Lesson Learned and […]

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