Moonstone and Other Stuff

I finished the other sock.  They’re very comfy.

Pattern: Basic Sock from Cat Bordhi’s Socks Soar onTwo Circular Needles
Needles: #2’s
Yarn: Tofutsies colour #793 (It’s a little splity).

I been spinning some bombyx top, colourway “Moonstone” dyed by Nancy Finn.

I haven’t got the best drafting technique yet for spinning silk top.  I seem to do a better job with the silk hankies. 

I participated in another spinning demonstration yesterday.  Its always a very nice time when I do this.  I love sharing the obsession.  There were a few vendors there, so I added to my stash.

Some Suri alpaca …

and some sock yarn.

Paula “A Piper Who Knits” recently tag me in the “Middle Name Game,” so the following is my attempt to use the letters of my middle name to describe myself.

Joie d’vivre
Nut (Slightly Cracked)
Far Side Sense of Humor with a touch of Monty Python
English, a bit reserved

And Paula, I hope to get you return the favour someday.


2 Responses to “Moonstone and Other Stuff”

  1. ladyoftheloom Says:

    That silk top is very nice…the Fall Fiber Festival is coming up for me and I might just have to purchase some handpainted silk. LIke the socks, do you like how the Tofutsies feels on your feet? I am knitting with it now.

    Oh how many times my hubby and I have watched and repeated lines from The Holy Grail…we infected our kids with that very early. I may sit down with that today….come Pansy…

  2. Paula Says:

    Your middle name letters reveal a keen sense of humor. I love the “nut, slightly cracked”, especially with our recent acorn bombardment.

    The yarn is lovely! Reading about spinning is fanning the flames again. I learned to spin, card, etc. but after not touching my wheel for a number of years I gave it all away: wheel, cards, fleece…the works. It went to a young woman who would appreciate it. It wasn’t that I did not enjoy spinning but most of the time I would rather be knitting.

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