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Happy “All Hallow’s Eve”

October 31, 2007

We had fun carving the pumpkins.  I collected the seeds and roasted them.  For seasoning, I used a variation of rub recipe for pulled pork.

My husband will be taking our “trick or treaters” around with some of their friends tonight.  I’ll be staying home giving out the treats with a dear friend who I am teaching to knit.

I just finished a basic hat for my son.  He doesn’t like wearing wool (he got this mutant gene from his father), but I have found a superwash from Brown Sheep that doesn’t bother him much.  I finished late last night, and he wore it to school this morning so I don’t have a pic yet.

Now its time for me to make the pumpkin pies.
Happy Halloween!


Problems Focusing

October 29, 2007

The pass couple of weeks I find that I’m having problems focusing.  I not quite sure what is at the root of it.  No major problems in my life.  The usually day to day stuff that keeps me busy. 

What has me a bit spooked is that I am excited to start something but I am dropping it after the initial excitement is over.  This doesn’t sound too healthy.  I usually have a more than a couple of projects on needles but I would rotate them, and stuff will get done and I have a satisfaction through out the project.  It seems I’m falling for the “grass is always greener” when it come to my knitting and spinning projects.  There is an vast amount of wonderful project to choose from.  I think I am getting a feeling that no matter how fast I knit/spin (adding stress) there is a lot I will not get to experience, therefore I have a sense of lose.  So maybe what my problem is I have forgotten how to enjoy what I am doing now.  If I don’t, there will be no satisfaction in anything I do.

So for now I have taken a deep breath and I’m going on a yarn diet and no new books for a while. (Not too much of a hardship, I have a large stash).

Now back to something positive… here’s a pic of the first Vanalinn glove finished, and I’ll be casting on the other today.

Thanks for “listening”.

Vanalinn Gloves

October 24, 2007

I had such a good experience knitting the Annemor # 8 gloves (despite the frogging), I wanted to knit another pair but a with a different look. 

I chose Vanalinn Gloves by Nancy Bush. The pattern is found in “A Gathering of Lace,” gathered by Meg Swansen.

So far the glove is knitting up well. The yarn I am using is Nature Spun, sport weight. I lost the tag for the yarn but I think the colour is Grecian Olive.   This colour will go with the jackets I wear the most.  As for needles, I am using Addi Turbo circular needles (2 each), US#0’s, 2.0mm and Addi’s 4″ DPN’s.

The thumb gusset, I don’t know the name of the style, is one I haven’t seen before.  There is an increase, but only on the palm side by using YO’s.  It leaves a nice detail.

The only adjustment I have made for size, is adding 2 additional increases for the gusset.