Termination Dust and Waterfall

I finished A’ mittens…

And it seems to be just in time.

“There’s snow in them thar hills”…
Or as we say around here… termination dust. The first dusting of snow on the hills means the termination of summer.

When I walked down my driveway to get the mail, I noticed I could see my breath.  There are enough leaves off the trees so it seems my husband is going to be doing some raking this weekend. It has been rainy and windy lately and so it nice to have a clear day.

I visited a sister-in-law who lives close by this evening. She, with help from her husband and older boys have almost finished putting in a waterfall so I stopped by to take a peek.

For the record that is not one of the Iditarod sled dogs, though he holds his own pretty well. They built the waterfall with rock from around their property.

This is one of the views that they have.

The mountain on the right is 100 miles away and the other mountain (in the middle and is very small) is 130 miles away.  Those mountains always have snow on them. 


One Response to “Termination Dust and Waterfall”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Very cute mittens! And beautiful pictures. Love the waterfall – I’ve always wanted one…

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