Mittens Finished, Mittens Again

I have finish S’s lilac mittens…

Here’s a peek of the inside of one of the mittens.

Nice and soft and cushy. 

I used a version of  Tvåändsstickning, which is Swedish for two end knitting.  This is basically using both ends of a ball of yarn, knit 1 or 2 stitches then switch to the other end of yarn for knitting, knit 1 or 2 stitches then switch back… so on and so forth.

And how appropriate, I just realized that the backdrop for the mittens is one of my lilac bushes.

The yarn is a two ply merino handspun, dk weight.  I then dyed the yarn, using Jacquard “lilac”.

Another child “A” has changed her mind as to the colour of her mittens to be knitted.  She first wanted an aqua marine but now wants a blue.  So yesterday we mixed the blue she wanted and dyed some blank yarn, merino from KnitPicks.

I put different concentrations in each jar and cooked it for 35 minutes.

The resulting dyed yarn.

The pic is close to showing its true colour.  It is vibrant.

I was going to knit a mitten simular to the “vermillion” ones, but that child doesn’t want A’s mittens to be “just like hers”. 

Ahhh teenagers.

I think I might use a cable or texture stitch, so back to the drawing board.


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