It took me about 20 minutes to collect this.

And for once, Crackers our family dog is not the culprit.

She is a hairball all by herself. I have considered giving it a go at spinning some of her fur. Her fur ends up being part of my clothing anyway.

OK…now why on earth would I want to collect this hairball?

Well… it is mixed up with some really good stuff.
The hairball is made up of musk ox guard hairs that I pulled… yes one by one… from raw qiviut fiber.

I came across a booth at the fair that had a collection of knitted and woven items made from qiviut.

They also had yarn and raw fiber of which I purchased 2 ounces…

along with this brooch, “Spirit of the Musk Ox” designed and made by a local artist.

I have checked a few sites about how to remove guard hairs and for the small amount of fiber that I have, pulling them out by hand seems to be my only option. If I had a larger amount, there are some mills that could do it. If anyone has any suggests, please let know.

The pic shows the raw qiviut on the right and the de-haired qiviut on the left. I hope to have at least an ounce and a half when I’m finished.

The qiviut is so, so soft and will be well worth all this effort.


3 Responses to “Hairball”

  1. Anni Says:

    What an amazing brooch – and the qiviut looks so soft and wonderful.

  2. Paula Says:

    Just found your blog yesterday when it was listed on the Knitting Blogs “new sites added today”. You live in a beautiful place. The Norwegian glove is stunning. Do you find the second one of the pair not nearly as much fun?

  3. DeniseI Says:

    Sometimes, I do funny things like google my dog’s name followed by the word, “dog.” I found a picture of your Crackers, which naturally means my dog shares the same name. Click on the link to my tumblr-blog to see a photo I posted of my Crackers.

    Ridiculous. I love your dog and I’m fascinated by your knitting. When I lived in Seattle, I took up knitting to pass the cold, and to give my hands something to do whilst drinking Lone Star by the fire. I never got past the 80 thousand foot scarf though. Now, it’s hard to start up again in the south Texas heat.

    I’m babbing. Happy Knitting!

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