My main knitting focus lately has been on the Mystery Stole and the Annemor gloves (I will not mention how many other projects I have on needles at this time, actually I’m not sure I can remember them all).  I am waiting for some pics of the symmetrical join for the stole before I proceed, I’m thinking I might want to make a few minor alterations based on some comments I have read.

I have all but the pointer finger on the first Annemor glove done.  I am knitting the right hand first, no special reason, but it did lead to some small confusion when I read the instructions for the fingers.  They are only written for the left hand.  It is of course obvious when you know what you are doing.

Diversion #1

In the meantime, my Type A child has informed me that I should knit her mittens now and she has a list of specifications for the type of mittens she wants.  Though they are simple mittens, she wants them to fit like a “glove.”  The cuffs are to be a K2, P2 ribbing for an 1-1/4″, she wants a sore thumb and she doesn’t want the tips of the mittens to be pointed.  And I had to dye the yarn “vermillion.” 

Diversion #2

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” aka “Back to School”

I just say that to bug my little darlings.

With 3 daughters this means serious clothes shopping.  I am pretty lucky, the girls have good taste and choose clothes that don’t say “I am sleazy.”  They also pick out the clothes for their brother.  I am not a big fan of malls, so I took my knitting along.

Well… I always take my knitting along.

I sit and knit nearby while the girls pick out what they are interested in, then they  show me for final approval.

Our trip was pretty successful until we got home to find out that one of the stores forgot to remove the security devices (7).  Strange that they didn’t go off when we left the store.  What irritated me the most was when I called the store to inform them what happened and to ask for the store hours so I could figure out the best time to go back to the store, which is across town and doesn’t have the best parking. 

The clerk said, “Well… we’re open from 10 to 9, Mon thru Fri, I think…”

“You think,” I said, …

“An hour and half of my time is going to be wasted when I go down to your store to have these tags removed.  One would think you would want to give me accurate information so you wouldn’t waste any more of my time.”


I do wish for respect of other people’s time.


One Response to “Diverted”

  1. kitsknits Says:

    When you’re new is it SO easy to forget to remove those darn things! That said, most of the time are they are there for show, meaning they don’t really work. Is there another store closer to where you are, or perhaps you’ve noticed the same devices that a different store uses close by? With your reciept, chances are they would take them off for you, but with 7, that is a HIGH number, there is a chance they might not.
    Hope this helps.

    🙂 I haven’t yet thought about school shopping, but I NEED to. SOON.

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