Finished Cap and Selbuvotter

Tah Dah!

A finished and blocked Syncopated Cap.  It has already been claimed by one of my daughters.

I have told my kids that they do not have to like anything I knit.  I have also told them they don’t have to wear anything I knit, but I do want honest opinions and feed back.  They do wear quite a few things that I have knitted, mostly hats, mittens, scarfs and shrugs.

Selbuvotter (Selbu is a place in Norway and votter means mittens): Biography of a Knitting Tradition, a book described by Beth Brown-Reinsel that “introduces the knitter to the fascinating history, construction basics, and glorious patterning that envolved as a part of the folk culture of Selbu.”

I concur.

This book also includes many glove patterns, one of which I’m knitting, 

Annemor # 8

This will be my first pair of gloves.

I am using Jamieson & Smith 2 ply jumper weight with the MC – 55 Claret and the CC – FC6 a pale rose.  I first started with the suggested #2s but the cuff and palm was too big so I restarted using #1s.  The cuff and palm now fit a lot better.

Palm side

Back of hand side

These are going to be my “Christmas Gloves” to be worn around the holiday season.  Duh.

I am now ready to start knitting the fingers and thumb.  In Selbuvotter, the directions say to knit the pinkie first, then the ring finger and continue to the pointer finger, saving the thumb for last.  But after reading Glove Knitting, by Nanette Blanchard, I have decided to knit them in a different order so I am better able to judge how to fit the fingers.

Nanette has started the Glove Knitting KAL which I have joined (see sidebar for link).  I know I will have a few questions for help.  Her blog Knitting in Color is one of the first I visited and I have been lurking there ever since.


2 Responses to “Finished Cap and Selbuvotter”

  1. Emilee Says:

    That’s a beautiful hat! I just love the colors you picked.

  2. Jenny Says:

    I love the gloves you’re knitting. Wow. They look so complicated. And impressive. I have just finished some kids’ mittens, and now I embark on my first gloves. Take care, and happy knitting.

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