Frog Remains and New Additions

I frogged…

Not for someone with a weak stomach.

I was very anxious during the process, but now the Mystery Stole is ready to go forward.

Now the question for me is whether to knit the wing or to make the stole symmetrical.  When I was a child back in England, I would see swans fequently.  I always flash back to that time whenever I would hear the mention of swans.  They are fascinating to watch.  I am not at all disappointed with what I have knitted, the stole is the most beautiful thing I have ever knitted.  Though if I had known the theme at the begining, I would have choosen a white yarn instead of the black and would have definitely knitted the wing.  So what I have decided to do is finish the black stole with the symmetrical design and knit a white version with the wing at a future time.   I know both stoles are going to be gorgeous.

I took advantage of Knitpicks 40% off book sale.

I also ordered blocking wire (since I’m really knitting lace now) and Alpaca Cloud in “shadow” and “tidal wave.”  I will be winding the Alpaca Cloud into center pull balls and shipping them to my mum.  The “vermillion” hank is one of the Knitpick bares I dyed.  I’ll be making some basic mittens for one of my daughters.


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