To Frog or Not To Frog

It was Thursday and I have been knitting merrily along with the Mystery Stole.  I had decided to lengthen the stole and I was still going to finish Clue 4 before Clue 5 was released on Friday.

And then I saw it… oh no…


It seems I screwed up the place of a yarn over.  The mistake is not glaring, on some other projects I would figure this is no big whoop and live with it.  But not on this project.   I want to do justice to this wonderful design.  I have not used a life line but have been methodical and checked my work often.  Where I think I goofed… was, well… not wearing glasses.  I know this sounds stupid.  I generally don’t need glasses but I wear them when I do some serious knitting.  I am over 40 (actually way over) and have what my ophthamologist friend calls  something I can barely pronounce, let alone spell but describes it as “you’re getting old and your eyes don’t adjust as well as they use to.”


I decided to take some deep cleansing breaths and stepped back from the Mystery Stole.

I spun…

Also at this time, my mum was getting ready to leave and there were emotions that had to be packed as well as her luggage.  I’m glad that she was able to visit.

On Friday I downloaded Clue 5 and saw that there was also another decision to make.  I could choose between the asymetrical original design or make the stole symetrical.  The asymetrical design has a wing… which is a major clue to the theme of the stole which is “Swan Lake.” 

I am not very good at frogging lace and wonder if I’ll screw it up worse.

Ahhh… To Frog It Is…


One Response to “To Frog or Not To Frog”

  1. Cathy-Cate Says:

    I feel your pain! Oh, do I ever.

    Black lace and eyes over 40 are a difficult mix. I can’t knit my black MS3 stole in less than very good light, personally. I have not gotten appropriate glasses yet, because, being near-sighted, I can take off my regular glasses and be able to focus better/closer; but it won’t be long before that doesn’t work. (BTW, presbyopia is your friend’s word for what we got — the lens of the eye is getting stiff [it’s not the only thing!], and it doesn’t adjust as easily to focus on close things. Sounds like a dread disease, doesn’t it?)
    Anyway, I’m cheating and using fingering weight on my black stole, it’s much easier to see and manipulate; then also doing an off-white stole in laceweight.

    I think I would do over too, even though I usually follow EZ’s advice about knitting mistakes. But this is in a relatively ‘easy’ section — you may be able to let a ladder down and fix it. It’s not easy, but here the stitches aren’t travelling, so it’s probably do-able. ‘Cause, as you know, the frogging is easy but picking up the stitches correctly again is hard.

    Thanks for the cartoon, I love it!

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