Syncopated Cap and Silk Hankies

Off to a good start with the Syncopated Cap.  I am using #1’s instead of the suggested #2s.  The Blue Moon Fiber Art yarns that I am using are hand painted and have wonderful subtle variations.

During my Mom’s stay, we have few visits to the local yarn stores.  She came across a pretty pink silk yarn.  She mentioned that would make a nice scarf for a blue coat of hers except for the yarn was too fine.

Well, I had purchased undyed silk hankies from Treenway and thought I’d give it a try and dye and spin up 2 oz of the the hankies in pink.  I had recently spun up some hand dyed silk hankies (reds) by Nancy Finn for the first time and knew I would be doing this again.


I used Jacquard “pink.”  I seperated the hankies into 2 each 1 oz stacks.  One of the stackes I dyed a uniform pink and the other with different values of pink.

(Sorry, the light wasn’t the best for the pic, the color is a true pink)

I will spin the uniformed hankies on one bobbin and the other on another bobbin and then ply them.  I am hoping for something between a fingerling and dk weight.  Pink is not a color I would have normally pick for myself but I did like how they turned out.  The hankies have a beautiful sheen that is not unfortunately captured by the pics.


2 Responses to “Syncopated Cap and Silk Hankies”

  1. ladyoftheloom Says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for the links and the pictures of the dyed hankies.

  2. Plied Silk and Pumpkin Bread « Hoc Age Says:

    […] earlier post here explains dyeing the silk […]

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