Lace and Super Floss

During my parent’s visit at Christmas, I put my mum to work.  Yes… I am a terrible daughter.  What I had her do was help me with a shawl.  Well, she was just sitting there, I couldn’t let all that knitting talent go to waste.  After she left, I added the border and blocked it.  Since then my mum has returned for another visit and I showed her how the shawl turned out.

(Sorry the pics don’t show the spiral well)

Well she really liked it.  She said that when she was knitting it she didn’t care much for the color or what it was looking like.  She hasn’t done much fine lace work, so she wasn’t aware how much blocking can transform the lace.

Pattern: Super-Spiral Shawl from “Gathering of Lace,” Meg Swansen
Yarn:  Knit Picks, Shimmer, Morning Mist, 4 skeins (I think)
Needles:  Addi Lace Turbo US #4
Pattern Variation:  I used the “Cream Border” from Spiral Shawl also from “A Gathering of Lace.”

So she twisted my arm (yeah right) and made me order her some similar yarn so she can knit one up.  I love getting yarn/fiber packages in the mail and of course I slipped in an order for myself.

The other day I eagerly waited for the late evening (which is still very light here in Alaska at this time of year) for working on Mystery Lace Stole 3.  When I sat down to work on it, I couldn’t find that tiny crochet hook.  I gasped, “Where in the heck is it?”  I checked all the usually places.  10minutes when by.  I still couldn’t find it.  20 minutes went by, that’s some serious knitting time wasted.  All of my other crochet hooks were too big… its too late to run out and buy a new one… how can I thread  those little beads on the yarn loop?  Then a little light bulb went on and I exclaimed, “Super Floss!” and it did the trick.  Too bad I hadn’t read the MLS3 emails that day otherwise I would have learned how some prefer Super Floss over the crochet hook.  A little late to the party… but at least I arrived.


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