KAL, Blue Moon and Qiviut

While surfing my favorite blogs I came across a knit along that had just started, Mystery Stole 3.  I have never participated in one before but thought someday I would.  Of course I had more than a couple of very good reasons not to join one now but…

  • I did have some beee uuuu teee ful Jagger Spun Zephyr Silk/Merino 50/50, Ebony in my stash… very soft.
  • Pic of the first clue knitted up showed a pattern that made me say oooohh.
  • Beads are an option for the stole and it involved a technique (without threading all the beads on before knitting) that I had’t used before.  Learning new techniques appeals to me.
  • And… there is a very good bead store not far away.

so I joined.  I am weak.

I have completed 3 basic lace shawls; 2 circular and 1 stole.  I have another circular one on needles, so I wasn’t intimidated, but not seeing what something is suppose to look like before diving in made me a little apprehensive.

Once I make a decission I like to get at it so I ran (not literally, I’m faster in a car) to the bead store.  I wanted to select beads that were complementary.  I had a hard time choosing, not from the lack of varity, so I came home with three different choices (and a tiny crochet hook).

The instructions for the Mystery Stole 3 so far are very good.  I selected my needle size (US 4, the new Addi Turbo Lace)  and then swatched a sample also testing which beads to use.  Then I started and was doing very nicely.  I had most of the first clue done when I came to the conclusion that the beads I had selected weren’t adding anything to the stole.  I really liked the dark purple accent but the beads had a matte finish and were hard to find once knitted into the stole.  So I started again trying some hex tube shape beads that had a black shiny metal finish and was very pleasantly surprised how well they accented the stole.  These beads gives the stole a shimmer without being glitzy.  Now that I am satified with the yarn/beads selections, I am now enjoying the KAL.

Mystery Stole 3 with Clue 1 finished on my knitting chair.

I have heard great things about Blue Moon Fiber Arts and so I thought I would use the Socks That Rock yarn on the Syncopated Caps in this summer issue of Interweave Knit.  I oooohed and aaahhhed when I first saw/touched the yarn.  The colors are beautiful.  I have done some dying and can appreciate what Blue Moon creates.

The Mystery Stole 3 put me off my spinning schedule, but I did finish spinning a half oz of a Qiviut (Musk Ox down), Merino and Silk blend.  I plan on spinning the other half oz and then plying it.  I hope to end up with a nice 2 ply lace weight @ approx 300 yards.

The fiber has a nice sheen and is a bit greyer than what the pic shows.


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