I would like to introduce you to my wheel, Chena. 

She is a Majacraft Alpaca and I have named her after of of my friend’s alpacas.  I received her about a year ago and I have been absolutely enamored ever since.  The Majacraft Alpaca is basically a Susie Pro with slower whorls, wooden rods, and a darling engraved alpaca.

I purchased her through Wooly Designs.  The wheel was shipped to me direct from New Zealand.  Tracy, one of the owners of Wooly Designs sent me a package that he put together with very helpful information about setting up and trouble shooting the wheel.  He was very responsive when I had some questions.

Chena is my first wheel, though I rented an Ashford Kiwi first to see if I had any aptitude/coordination for spinning.

Reasons why I choose the Majacraft Alpaca:

  • Small Footprint (Ooops and engineering term meaning it doesn’t take up much space
  • Double Treadle – I thought this would help me keep good posture since my back insn’t the best
  • Well Made and Very Stable – It also has a good resale value though I can see myself parting with her now
  • It is Versatile for Spinning Bulky to Lace – I wasn’t sure what the majority of my spinning would be
  • Lot of Add Ons – Different flyers, large and thick core bobbins, different whorls, high speed adaptor, skein winder
  • The New Zealand Rimu wood is rich in colour and natural grain
  • I have a soft spot for alpacas (A totally non-engineering reason, but for me it has value)

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