At The Beginning

As you can tell from my header (the fiber is alpaca that I dyed and spun) this blog is going to be mostly about knitting and spinning.  My mum taught me to knit as a child but I didn’t really get into it until after my first child was born.  Before we came to the US my mum would knit most of my sweaters and I remember her knitting my dad’s socks.  We did not have central heating and England had a lot of cold damp days, so warm sweaters and socks were a must. 

Me wearing one of the sweaters mum knitted.

When I started spinning about 2 years, I would go to blogs for any information that I could glean about how to’s and techniques, and what I found was amazing.  The width and depth of the creativity is astounding.  What I also found was a community and one I would like to be a part of.  So in the spirit of the Yarn Harlot, I “Cast Off” to the cyber “Land of Knitting… and Spinning… and…



One Response to “At The Beginning”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

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